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What Our Clients Say:

  • The Sculptra treatments have taken years off my face
    G. Ross
  • I decided to "go for it", Monica was caring, understanding and had enough enthusiasm for both of us.
  • It took 4 weeks to achieve results and I have never had such smooth even skin
  • Thanks a million for making me feel a million dollars! I look gorgeous & feel so confident
  • You made me look and feel feminine again with the combination of right treatments
  • I have tried many clinics over the years and have found there is no comparison to Monica
  • No more trips to London for treatments
    Mrs S
  • I would just like to say how absolutely fantastic the results are. It is truly amazing
  • 10 years younger is underestimating the result. I'm looking great and feeling it too
    Mrs S
  • I cannot emphasise enough how outstanding the results are because I am 64 and people consistently mistake me for being in my late forties.
    C.A., Suffolk
  • I have always found Monica to be a very caring, patient, honest and above all very professional
  • You work so differently to other clinics & professionals.
  • With Monica's approach nothing is hurried and her attention to detail is second to none
  • It has made me feel more confident about myself and given me back my self esteem
  • You have nothing to loose but years to gain by seeing Monica
  • Monica is sensitive, caring, patient and never makes you feel rushed - a true artist
  • My face is younger & more feminine looking due entirely to your expertise & skill
  • I am constantly being told how well I look by friends, family and colleagues
    G. Ross
  • I would like to thank Monica so much but for giving me back my confidence
  • I cannot praise the treatment highly enough. I cannot stop smiling
  • For anyone considering the treatment but is worried or concerned, don't be
  • I'm the biggest wimp in terms of pain threshold, Monica held my hand every step of the way
  • I have absolute trust in Monica and feel totally relaxed in her hands
  • I recommend Monica to anyone wanting a genuine, informative non-surgical rejuvenation
  • Nothing even comes close to Monica, a true professional and exceptionally qualified
  • It's Harley Street on my doorstep
  • I expressed an interest in a treatment & Monica advised against it saying I didn't need it, she has the patients total interest at heart
    F Willson
  • Thank you Monica for changing my life, I have had no hesitation in recommending
Gold Aesthetics Award Winner 2011-12 Treatment Adviser

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Sculptra - The Liquid Facelift

Ever thought about having a surgical facelift, but didn’t want the recovery downtime, scars or costs associated with it?

FACEmed offers a minimally invasive procedure with little downtime called the “The Liquid Facelift" or "SCULPTRA™.” Approved by the F.D.A. in August 2004 for lipoatrophy, and recently approved for cosmetic use also, SCULPTRA™ produces visible facelift results with about 3-5 treatment sessions 6 to 8 weeks apart depending on the area treated.

FACEmed does NOT advocate Sculptra as a wrinkle filler. Monica Berrangé has perfected the precise placement technique of this facial volumiser through hundreds of hours of experience; so you get the longest lasting, natural result from a ” non-surgical facelift”. This specialised procedure replaces the natural volume (fat) loss that occurs with age - the volume loss that is responsible for the appearance of saggy skin and aged face. This is a very important concept which explains why a surgical facelift may be the wrong thing to do if there is little or no volume in the face; or what to do if you want to look younger!

Sculptra Price Guide


No charge

One vial


Two vials treatment

£375.00 each vial

The product is ordered and prepared for individual patient in advance. One week prior to treatment nonrefundable deposit must be paid


What Is It?

Sculptra is made up of poly L lactic acid, a polymer that, with time, is metabolised naturally by your body. It is not a wrinkle filler, but a bio activator of natural collagen or "volumiser". It works by stimulating the body to produce new collagen at the sites of injection, thereby replacing lost volume to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Sculptra is used for:

Your Experience

The procedure takes 30-45 minutes. There may be some discomfort; however the product is mixed with local anaesthetic and numbing cream may also be used. The number of necessary injections and placement depends on age, amount of volume to be restored & the type of treatment desired.

3-5 sessions at 6-8 weeks interval may be required.

The Future

Once collagen production has been stimulated, gradually, the natural looking results should become visible after 2nd or 3rd session, with results lasting for around 2 years. To maintain best possible results we advise one top-up session once a year.

Side Effects

As with all other injections there can be temporary swelling and bruising, which may last for few days. Other risks include the transient appearance of palpable, but usually not visible, papules under the skin which resolve spontaneously over a period of time.

Data from clinical studies of Sculptra® indicate that, in very rare instances, small and invisible or visible bumps (nodules) in the injection area can occur within a year or longer of Sculptra® treatment. The risk of bumps is lessened by proper preparation of Sculptra®, accurate placement of the injections, and most importantly regular massage of the treated areas, as instructed. If the nodules persist, surgical intervention may be required.

It is not intended for use in the lips or the mouth region and not recommended for use in periorbital area.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Sculptra® Treatment

The pros and cons of Sculptra® should be weighed and discussed within the consultation process. The pros of Sculptra® include the long duration of its effects, very low incidents of undesirable side effects and biocompatibility; its 'cons' include possible nodules, swelling, and bruising, although, according to data from clinical studies of Sculptra® these effects are temporary.

The Result

"The Liquid Facelift" allows you to maintain your beauty secrets as there is no dramatic instant change but rather a gradual enhancement as your appearance fills out slowly from within, continuing to make you look fresher & younger.

PS - Beware what you are paying for

Sculptra comes in vials which are for single patient use only. Sulptra is reconstituted prior to use for named patients and the charge should be per vial NOT per ml or session. Any excess solution will be discarded at the end of the session. Paying in advance for pack of sessions may not be a good idea if your body produces collagen well. So...Ask what you are paying for!!!

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